March’s #ResponsiveResolution


February’s #ResponsiveResolution was not as successful as January’s, actually it was an utter failure. It started off great and I was journaling every day, but then other responsibilities started to creep up. Journaling fell further and further down my priorities list to the point that I wasn’t journaling at all.

Lessons Learned:

The best thing about failing is you can learn from your failures and use it to make you a stronger and better person. I realized that I needed to block out time to get journaling done and set reminders for myself to do it. This has carried over to my work life where I’m now scheduling out blocks of time for a specific topic and using that time to focus solely on that topic. I’ve also realized that I need to keep it simple. I have a tendency to over complicate and over plan. Originally, I was answering a set of four questions, but that was too much. I’ve trimmed it down to just one, “What did I accomplish today?” Four days into March and I’m still journaling.

This month’s #ResponsiveResolution:

The last two months have been focused on doing things to keep me mentally healthy. In January, I focused on not putting things off and I’m feeling more in control of my “to do’s” and other tasks. In February, I focused on journaling so I can better keep track of what I’ve accomplished. This month I’m focusing on my body and doing a physical #ResponsiveResolution.  

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