February’s #ResponsiveResolution


I’ve have to say that my January #ResponsiveResolution was a resounding success. I stuck to my mantra to “not put off to tomorrow, what I can do today.” This meant everything from putting away the dishes after dinner to doing what my wife asked me rather than waiting until later. I’ve found that I’m feeling a lot more control and not as anxious for the next day. What really helped with this is letting my fellow #ResponsiveResolution brethren in on my objectives. @espnguyen was great in that he would check in on me periodically on how things were going. His keeping me accountable helped motivate me to see the month through. But, honestly, I think this month has been a little too successful.

Lessons Learned:

After spending an entire month of not putting things off, I get really anxious when I do. My family is just coming back from a weekend getaway to the Virgin Islands courtesy of my wife’s company. Late Saturday night, we found out that United cancelled our flight back to New York due to the impending snow storm. Rather than taking care of the issues right then and there (what I wanted to do), we waited until the next morning (what she wanted to do). I found that this caused the situation to creep into my subconscious. That evening, I was having dreams (or nightmares, as I saw them) about not having our travel situation resolved. Fears of being stuck in paradise long into the week to having to settle for the most roundabout itinerary just to get back to New York, danced in my head. The next morning as we waited to hear what others in our group were going to do, I kept a straight face. Internally, it was another story, I was twisted, wanting to just forget the others and get things squared away for us. Minus this recent situation, I’m very happy with the results and  feel like this resolution has laid the foundation for the rest of my 2015 #ResponsiveResolutions.

This month’s #ResponsiveResolution:

@espnguyen recently introduced me to an interesting new podcast called “The Productivity Show” by Asian Efficiency. Anyone interested in GTD, as well as, productivity hacks will find the show really interesting. One of their first topics was the idea of “Journaling.” I found this one to be intriguing as I’m finding the my days, weeks, months, have started blending together and as I look back, struggle to see what I’ve really accomplished. So for the month of February, my #ResponsiveResolution is to practice what they call, structured journaling, where each day I answer a set of questions to recap how my day has gone.

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