Inspired by @espnguyen and his post, I’ve decided to join his #ResponsiveResolution’s movement and take a month-to-month approach to resolutions in 2015. The goal is to adapt your resolutions as the year goes along. I’ll be tweeting and tracking my progress against these goals here. Feel free to tweet me (@PSAgustin) to help me stay accountable. If you want to join, tweet about it and tag it with #responsiveresolution.

January 2015 #responsiveresolution

One of the things I’m most guilty of is leaving dishes in the sink and waiting until the next day to clean them up or vacuuming and leaving the vacuum out. By the end of the month, my behavior will be changed so that I’m more proactive in everything that I do, whether it’s in my home life or my work life (I’m looking at you expense reports!).

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